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Veteran Support

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Animal testing

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Voting Rights Support

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Minority Employees

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Clean Water Usage

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BIPOC Executives

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LGBTQ Support

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Earnings Per Share

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Female Executives

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Police Violence Response

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CEO Pay Ratio

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Forced Labor Use

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Deforestation Financing

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Carbon Footprint

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Disability support

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Fossil Fuel Financing

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Private Prison Involvement

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Hazardous Waste

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Median Wage

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Workplace Safety

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Research & Development

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Taxes Paid

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Cash Flow

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Annual Profits

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Dividend Growth

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Debt Ratio

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Fines & Violations

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Annual Sales

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Arms Revenue

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Political Affiliations

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Gender Pay Gap

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Renewable Energy Use

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Plastic Waste

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We’re shining a light on the financial world, because it’s time for our generation to have a voice and a share in this economy

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Jerome Emilien, Engineer
Sarah Razanatsoa, Engineer
Zia Karim, CTO
Augustus Christensen, Founder & CEO
Jerome Emilien, Engineer
Sarah Razanatsoa, Engineer
Zia Karim, CTO
Augustus Christensen, Founder & CEO

We came together as a group of experienced professionals to help our friends better understand the companies impacting our lives – our jobs, our environment, our society, our economy.

We decided to do it in a way that makes sense, that helps you learn, gives you a voice, and empowers you to build the skills you need to take control of your own financial decisions.

We chose the upside-down crown to symbolize our mission of flipping the power dynamic in our financial system.

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